our story

   Goetoy consists of a group of building block toy lovers.

    Founded in 2020, Goetoy is a fun and imaginative toy company. Our company specializes in manufacturing high-quality toys for every building block toy fan.

    Our mission is to give your bricks new vitality and bring color to your brick world. This is a high-quality and dreamy item. As a fan of building blocks, we have novel and beautiful designs and rich experience in production, standardization and specialization. We focus on technology, improve brand quality, and pursue high quality. Goetoy goes to great lengths to ensure that each architectural model has its own unique LED lights. Goetoy is sincerely committed to providing our customers with the safest products.

    Each Goetoy kit comes with a specific installation guide for accessing settings and instructions for Goetoy stickers and cards.

    Our talented designers, experienced quality control engineers and workers guarantee to provide our customers with high-quality products and services. Easily create a bright night, Goetoy is always ready to serve you and your building blocks in the warmest and most comfortable way. Each customized lighting kit is worthy of our designer's careful creation. Hope our small lighting kit can bring you a different experience.

    Our top product-custom-designed lighting kits for building block toys have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Asia, etc. Beautiful appearance, easy operation, fine operation, high quality, reasonable price, and are well received by fans of building blocks toys.


    Our guarantee

    In addition, we have an authoritative inspection company to guarantee the quality of Goetoy products. Welcome to check.

    We know that the best results can only be achieved through hard work and enthusiasm for building blocks. Building block toys are our passion. Because we learn while playing, and most importantly, having fun is fun. Toys are our pleasure, and we are more focused on appreciating the mystery.

    So we started the journey with the idea of ​​turning what we did into business. In addition to emergency products such as display stands, we are also involved in more magnificent projects, such as the Star Wars Carbon Freeze Chamber of the Empire Strikes Back and Death Star Docking Bay (Death Star Docking Bay). ), so far, they have achieved great success. Because of this success, we have been continuously developing new MOC sets. I have always dreamed of seeing my work being widely used by consumers all over the world. Therefore, we can realize the dreams of other enthusiastic building block toy fans through products that cannot be provided through official channels.


   Our advantage 

    We are close to the production area of ​​building components. We have price advantages and logistics advantages. We choose the fastest and safest logistics for you.

    Thank you for visiting our online store. We always welcome your suggestions and look forward to feedback.

    Best wishes,

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